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Ultradesk ACTION V2

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Monitor number
110 x 59 CM
Height adjustment
Accessories included
XL mouse pad, cup holder, headphones hook, gaming gear rack, shelf for cable management, 2x cable openings

Along with the ACTION desk, a thick XL pad for keyboard and mouse is added to the set. Probably no one these days can imagine a serious game without a suitable work surface. The pad from the ACTION V2 model is a powerful tool, that allows you to control the mouse at the highest level of precision. Its surface consists of two layers with a total thickness of 3 mm! The non-slip bottom layer provides phenomenal comfort.

Perfect cable management! Would you like to forget about the coils of cables behind your computer desk? Thanks to the shelf for a power strip you can forget about them forever. Everything perfectly organized and always in its place. The shelf looks impressive, which additionally increases the value of the entire gaming station.

A combination of durable steel and futuristic shapes – the frame of the ACTION V2 desk is always intriguing and attracts attention, and at the same time remains a durable and extremely stable basis for the entire piece of furniture. Despite its compact shape, this product can hold a lot of computer equipment. It combines the features of a pure gaming desk and dimensions that fit almost any room. The ACTION will be perfect where its bigger brothers will not fit.

Give your forearms a break! The front edge of the ACTION has been cut at such an angle, so that your forearms can rest comfortably on it. Even during a long marathon in front of the computer, this gaming desk takes care of your comfort. Level up to the premium class!

Details matter – thanks to some nice gifts from ULTRADESK your gameplay will change beyond recognition! In the set with the desk, in addition to the already mentioned XL pad, you get a metal rack for game controllers, and holders for a cup and headphones. Accessories not only practical, but also very effective, thanks to which your computer station will have everything you need for a real e-sport star.

Higher level of stability – the improved version of the ACTION V2 desk, thanks to a specially thought-out structure of the legs and durable rubber feet, sets new standards of stability. It’s hard to find a computer desk with such a futuristic shape of legs. These legs have been specially designed to provide stability worthy of champions. The feet are additionally covered with a rubber coating, that prevents the surface on which the desk stands from scratching.

The ACTION V2 gaming desk is transported in a single package, which has been specially protected against potential damage. Both the inside and the outer layer of the packaging protect against harmful factors and mechanical damage. Thanks to this, the product always reaches the customer in perfect condition!



Our gaming desks offer innovative solutions that cannot be found in any other product of this type.
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The ULTRADESK brand wants to constantly improve its products, not chasing trends, but constantly setting its own. Using the beaten paths is not our style, which is why the new ACTION V2 model has just appeared on the market.

We present a gaming desk with excellent parameters, that allow you to derive maximum pleasure from computer entertainment. Let’s start with the basics, i.e. the construction, which in this case was carefully developed. The compact desktop is seated on crossed legs, which ensure very high stability. The player’s comfort was a priority when creating this model, which is why this product gained the most ergonomic shape and size, but not only. The front edge of the table top has been tilted for comfort, especially when leaning your forearms.

A number of additional complementary elements have been created, which make the computer desk for the player his best companion. First of all, the ACTION offers a very functional red and black pad, thanks to which operating the mouse becomes child’s play, and its effectiveness increases significantly. There are also other interesting accessories, such as a stand for controllers and games, or a cup holder. An equally interesting solution, proposed as a bonus in the case of this gaming desk, is the headphone hook. Those seem to be subtle details, but their importance for the comfort of the game is enormous. The cup holder is more than just another gadget aesthetically enriching the gaming desk. It is an element that actually protects our equipment against possible flooding. Another addition is a long shelf for power strips and cables, which is located at the back of the desktop.

ACTION is also visually a very attractive desk for each gamer. What distinguishes its design from others? The shape is modern and strongly refers to the futuristic nature of electronic sports.

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  1. Greg

    Great desk. All the parts are described so assembly is really easy. I love the quality and durability.

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