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Ultradesk LEVEL

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Monitor number
140 x 60 CM
Height adjustment
Accessories included
Full desktop XXL mouse pad, cup holder, headphones hook, Ultradesk BEAM rack with USB Ports, shelf for power and cable management, 2x cable openings

Advanced system of electric height adjustment in the range from 73 to 124 cm – you can use this computer desk while sitting or standing. Modern electric motors and a user-friendly configuration panel. The desk rises or sinks at a safe speed. The electric height adjustment system was built using only premium quality components and thus offers the user the highest level of reliability and durability. Thanks to the electrical height adjustment, the ULTRADESK LEVEL always adapts perfectly to your body!

A high-quality pad for the entire desktop is supplied with each desk. It was made of a special material, that guarantees optimal cooperation with laser and optical sensors. Edges secured with a thick seam – extends the life of the pad and ensures an aesthetic appearance. On the underside there is a non-slip surface that completely prevents it from slipping slowly on the desktop. Please choose the color of your pad before adding the product to the shopping cart!

With the easy-to-use configuration panel, you can not only raise and lower the work surface, but also save two of your favorite heights. The heart of the panel is a special processor that guarantees perfect synchronization of both motors, when lifting. The front LEDs inform the user about the activation of selected functions. The configuration panel is mounted on the right-hand side just below the front edge of the desktop. This means, that you never have to leave your chair to change the settings.

This computer table uses two separate electric motors, that are integrated into the side supports, which can guarantee a higher load capacity and longevity. Previously, similar furniture only used a single motor. Both devices consume a minimum of electricity. The motors are very quiet when lifting – a maximum of 45 dB. They are no longer audible from a few meters away. A number of electrical protection solutions ensures the safety of the user.

Do you often use your desk at different heights? You can save your two favorite settings in the configuration panel and call them up at any time. The process of saving the selected heights only takes a few seconds and is described in detail in the operating instructions. The green LED RGB3 informs about the activation of the lifting or lowering process. You can save the settings indefinitely. They are not deleted if the desk is disconnected from the power for a short or long period of time.

Our height adjustment system is an environmentally friendly solution, that does not noticeably affect your electricity bill. The patents used guarantee an exceptionally low power consumption. Both motors are very energy efficient and do not waste electricity, when idling. The electronics built into the configuration panel consume a minimum of energy in stand-by mode. Information functions are implemented using colored LEDs. The table is supplied with power via a conventional 230V socket.

Furniture for gamers must above all be extremely durable. The steel frame used in the presented computer table undoubtedly meets these requirements. Its elements are particularly thick. The connections of all parts have been carefully designed to ensure exemplary stability. The “Rage Safe” frame will be particularly appealing to users who prefer action games, which often experience sudden outbursts of joy or frustration during the course of the game.

Where to hide power supply elements? The best solution is a tray that is installed on the back of the desktop. It enables the easy installation of long socket strips as well as the additional management of the cables leading out through the holes in the desktop. We made sure, that this element is not only highly functional, but also visually attractive. That is why our designers have created a very characteristic shape, that also conveys additional ergonomic advantages.

You can place two large monitors or three small monitors on the desk. The regular shape of the work surface enables the furniture to be perfectly positioned in any room. The widened rear edge makes it easier to set up monitors and mount a monitor bracket. This noticeably increases the work surface in front of the monitors. The corners were cut to increase ease of use.

A computer desk must offer a wide range of useful accessories. On the sides of the ULTRADESK LEVEL, under the front edge, you can install a cup holder and a headphone holder (included in the set). Both of these extensions aren’t just for decoration – most users use them on a daily basis. A unique attraction is the BEAM rack, which makes it easy to charge a wide variety of mobile devices and accessories. 4 USB ports are enough for every gamer. The rack is of course also used to store gamepads or game boxes and is included in the price.

Innovative technology and material solutions have made it possible for us to remove the lower crossbeam. The improved design is more comfortable than the older solutions. A gamer can always easily spread his legs without risking a painful confrontation between his feet and hard metal. Removal of the lower crossbeam increases comfort, but also makes it easier to operate a high computer case. Our design without that pesky part looks a lot better!

A higher degree of static perfection – thanks to the well-thought-out structure of the legs and special feet, the LEVEL desk sets new standards in terms of stability. The legs are specifically designed to work with the feet to provide stability worthy of any champion. Accidental knocking against the desktop or the frame never leads to uncontrolled movement of the furniture. The feet are also provided with a coating, that prevents scratching of the floor surface on which the desk is standing. This is especially important, if the ULTRADESK LEVEL is to be used in a room with floors made of delicate types of wood.

Modern computer sets consist of more and more external components. In addition to several monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, steering wheels or streaming devices are also used. Two large through-holes with a diameter of 6 cm in the desktop are enough to build even the largest gaming set. The openings make it easier to expand the computer with additional accessories in the future. The comfort of the player is always our top priority!

ULTRADESK LEVEL has a very universal character. The desk has been prepared for a number of uses. It is used for computer games, but also as a workplace or furniture for everyday student life. Usage can change with age. LEVEL is particularly popular with game streamers, because it enables comfortable streaming while standing. If you want to combine your professional activity with entertainment in one place, the presented computer desk is a perfect recommendation.

The LEVEL desk is delivered to the customer in two boxes. The packaging contains a number of solutions that perfectly protect the product during transport. Inside, parts and assembly elements are neatly sorted and separated from each other. As a result, the desk always reaches its new owner in perfect condition! Simple assembly instructions with clear pictures, which you will find in the packaging and on our website, make assembling all elements a child’s play. Assembly takes relatively little time.



Our gaming desks offer innovative solutions that cannot be found in any other product of this type.
2-year door-to-door guarantee. We send spare parts to your door at our expense.
Shipment within 24 hours to all countries of the European Union. Safe transport of all products!
Full 100 days for returns. The product will be picked up entirely at the expense of our shop.

Ultradesk LEVEL

Ultradesk’s first computer table with electric height adjustment. Excellent piece of furniture for professionals, who need a flexible workspace with special functions. LEVEL offers a medium-size desktop and a stable frame made of high-quality steel. Excellent materials and precise workmanship guarantee an extremely stable frame. Long side supports ensure, that this gaming desk perfectly transfers all weights and loads to the floor.

Electric height adjustment with a special panel for configuration. This panel has its own processor and memory to enable intelligent control options. For example, you can save your favorite height settings of the desktop. The minimum height is 72 cm and the maximum achievable height is 124 cm. Ultradesk LEVEL has been equipped with all the necessary electrical protections. The height adjustment system uses 2 powerful and durable motors. Power consumption always remains at a very low level.

Each buyer receives a special full desktop pad, i.e. it covers the entire workspace. It is waterproof and was made from a thick material. The pad is also washable, so no problem if it gets dirty after a while. At the edges there is a thick seam, which should guarantee a perfect shape for a long time.

In the rear area under the table top, there is a long compartment for power supply and cable management. This compartment offers a futuristic design and lots of space. There are 2 openings in the desktop and the pad through which all cables can be routed to this compartment.

The table top consists of 2 parts – this solution lowers the chance of transport damages and increases the load capacity of the desktop in the middle.



14 reviews for Ultradesk LEVEL

  1. SK

    Top Gaming-Tisch!!!!!!
    Qualitativ hochwertig, standfest und leicht aufzubauen.
    Einfach nur zufrieden.

    Macht weiter so !!!!!

  2. Natalia Fernandez

    I really loved the design, the price, is very silent and elegant, perfect for home office, the full Matt is so cool, I only wished the self for cables was bigger, but I figured out how to put all inside, great for two monitors and two laptops as well and easy to assemble, it comes in two big boxes very well protected.

  3. Kora

    Großartige Qualität. Ordentlicher Schreibtisch. Eine gute Option ist die Höhenverstellung. Zwei Monitore passen problemlos. Perfekt für Home Office. Der Kopfhörerhaken ist super. Mein Sohn ist beeindruckt.

  4. LeBerg (verified owner)

    +Klasse Preis-Leistungsverhältnis
    +Gute Verarbeitung
    +Bietet alles, was einen guten Schreibtisch ausmacht inkl. der programmierbaren Höhenverstellung

    Insgesamt sehr empfehlenswert!

  5. Cytru

    Biurka używam już ponad rok i mogę śmiało stwierdzić że jest naprawdę świetne.
    Biurko dostajemy w dwóch kartonach z czego w jednym jest sam blat a w drugim reszta elementów biurka. Całość jest prosta w montażu dzięki instrukcji z obrazkami odnoszącymi się do poszczególnych kroków.
    Blat montowany jest z dwóch połówek plus tylnej dostawki, która dodatkowo pogłębia biurko i na której mam zamocowane ramię z monitorem.

    Biurko reguluje się za pomocą sterownika, co jest ważne sterownik możemy zamocować zarówno z prawej jak i lewej strony blatu. Wysokość reguluje się bardzo płynnie. Silniczki są ciche i szybko pracują.
    Całość konstrukcji jest stabilna nawet przy najwyższym ustawieniu wysokości.

  6. Patie

    Pracuje cichutko i szybko

  7. Prof Prox

    Very nice.

  8. Eduard Schäfer (verified owner)

    Ich war zuerst etwas skeptisch, da die Aufmachung der Produkte etwas ungewöhnlich ist.
    Der Tisch ist innerhalb von 2 Tagen angekommen. Der Aufbau war auch allein einfach. Bei der zweiteiligen Tischplatte war ich etwas skeptisch – nach mehreren Tagen Nutzung kann ich jedoch sagen, dass es nicht mal bemerkbar ist. Die Motoren sind ebenfalls leise. Die Qualität der Materialien zu dem Preis hat mich überzeugt.

    Einziges Manko: Der Headsethalter ist etwas zu weit innen, so dass man schon etwas “suchen” muss, wenn man ohne Hingucken das Headset greifen möchte.

  9. Wojtek

    Dobre biurko. Całość działa płynnie oraz cichutko. Polecam do pracy.

  10. heiko lochmann

    find ich schon ganz cool so also kann man schon kaufen undso

  11. Steven Krüger

    Ich habe gestern meinen Ultradesk Level als Geburtstagsgeschenk von meiner Frau bekommen.
    Der Tisch besteht aus 2 Paketen, wobei in dem kleinerem nur die Tischplatte (besteht aus 2 Stücken) enthalten ist
    und in dem größerem Paket sind die Tischbeine, Schrauben, etc. enthalten.
    Nach dem aufpacken ist mir sofort die sorgfältige Sortierung und sichere Verpackung aufgefallen (da ich im Verkauf arbeite achte ich auf so etwas). Gleich hier muss ich ein großes Lob aussprechen, denn so sorgfältig habe ich schon lange nichts mehr verpackt gesehen.

    Fazit Verpackung: 5*

    Die Anleitung liegt gleich in mehreren Sprachen bei wobei es sich dabei nur um ein A3 großes Blatt mit Rückseite handelt, die schön bebildert erklärt wie man den Tisch montiert. Die deutsche Sprache ist dabei fehlerfrei geschrieben, was sehr angenehm ist! Außerdem ist darauf ein Einrichtung erklärt wie man den Tisch kalibriert, die Programme speichert und ausführt und eine eventuelle Fehlerbehebung ebenfalls.. sehr vorbildlich, da fühlt man sich gut versorgt!

    Fazit Anleitung: 5*

    Der Aufbau war sehr leicht und alle notwendigen Bohrungen waren bereits vorgebohrt und haben perfekt gepasst ohne das man etwas drücken oder quetschen musste.
    Wenn ich etwas verbessern würde, wären es kleine Aufkleber auf den Bauteilen um welches Teil es sich jeweils handelt (zum Beispiel rechtes Tischbein Teil [A]) und die Schrauben sortiert jeweils verpackt statt alle in einem Beutel, aber das wäre schon nörgeln auf höchstem Niveau.
    Was mich allerdings von den Socken gehauen hat, war das ein richtiger Schraubendreher mit dabei war, und zwar nicht so ein billig-teil aus komplett Metall, sondern mit richtigem Gummi Griff.. Man kann den Tisch daher zusammen bauen auch wenn man gar kein Werkzeug daheim hat… das nenne ich SERVICE!

    Fazit Aufbau: 5*

    Nachdem meine Frau und ich den Tisch aufgebaut hatten, haben wir den Tisch natürlich sofort an den Einsatzort getragen und den Computer angeschlossen, sowie das Kabelmanagement ordentlich verlegt.
    Danach den Tisch noch an die Steckdose angeschlossen und erstmal kalibriert. Was dabei sofort auffällt sind die leisen Motoren, denn ich habe dabei schon mit etwas lauteren Geräuschen gerechnet, aber ich muss sagen ich bin sehr positiv überrascht, das der Tisch so schön leise ist.
    Ich habe anhand der Bedienungsanleitung den Tisch auf meine gewünschte maximal Höhe, sowie auf meine gewünschte Sitz-Höhe programmiert.

    Fazit Anwendung: 5*

    Außerdem ist eine tolle Gratis Beigabe dabei, womit man sein Headset immer schön aufgeräumt auf dem Tisch platzieren kann und gleichzeitig ist es ein USB Hub mit 4 Anschlüssen (2 auf jeder Seite)

    Fazit Service: 5*

    Gesamt Fazit: Das halte ich kurz… Klare Kaufempfehlung! Top Preis, Top Qualität, Top Service! Macht weiter so Ultradesk Team!

  12. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Bardzo dobre biurko gamingowe

  13. Michal

    Dobre biurko. Łatwo podnosi się i opuszcza. Pamięć ustawień wysokości jest super. Przypomina także o zmianie pozycji za biurkiem.

  14. Damian


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