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Ultradesk ATOMIC

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Monitor number
139 x 74 CM
Height adjustment
Accessories included
Full desktop XXL mouse pad, Cup holder, Headphones hook, Gaming gear rack

xxl mouse pad
The XXL mouse pad is made of waterproof material, that guarantees perfect tracking precision for all types of computer mice. An anti-slip surface has been applied to the underside – you don’t have to worry about the pad sliding slowly on the desktop from time to time due to quick movements during the game. The edges were secured with a thick seam to increase durability. This mouse pad perfectly fits the shape of the desktop and the requirements of its users.

monitor shelf
Do you prefer to have your screen a little higher than the desktop surface? The ULTRADESK ATOMIC gaming desk offers a suitable solution. The rear part of the desktop is equipped with a spacious monitor shelf. This solution enables you to place the monitor 14 cm above the workspace. The dimensions of the shelf are 73 x 20 cm, so that smaller computer accessories can also be placed on it. The shelf is firmly connected to the desktop and can easily withstand the weight of very large monitors.

innovative desktop
The original shape of the work surface not only influences the viewer’s perception, but is also intended to facilitate the placement of various devices. The side edges have an unusual shape to draw attention to the entire piece of furniture. The accessories included in the set have been elegantly and functionally integrated into the desk. The mouse pad and monitor shelf have also been 100% adapted to the shape of the desktop. Its ergonomic advantages also include an ergonomic front edge.

modern look
The XXL pad and the frame of the table are decorated with unique graphics. They were designed by a young Polish artist-graphic designer. They are in white and red on a black background and offer abstract motifs. They do not wear out, when the pad is used and they do not have a negative impact on the functions of sensors in computer mice. The brand logo was subtly combined with other graphics.

steel frame
Furniture for gamers must be characterized above all by exceptional durability. The steel frame used in the ULTRADESK ATOMIC clearly meets these requirements. Its elements are particularly thick. The connections of all parts have been carefully designed to ensure exemplary stability. The “Rage Safe” frame will please those who prefer action games – it can withstand extreme levels of gameplay.

ergonomic edge
Ergonomics is one of the central issues, when we spend many hours every day at the computer desk. The front edge of the desktop was designed with this in mind. It is slightly inclined so that our forearms can rest on it, which significantly increases the ease of use. This solution is particularly important for gamers, who control the gameplay entirely via the keyboard.

power strips
Do you want to forget the tangled cables behind or under your computer desk? Thanks to a wide compartment for a long socket strip and holes cut at the top, you can organize cable connections clearly. Everything is perfectly sorted and always in its place. Our solution definitely helps to keep things tidy. In addition, the shelf looks really fascinating, which increases the aesthetic value of the entire computer workstation.

accessories for gaming
Included with every desk you get a few practical accessories for gaming. The headphone holder allows you to let the device rest freely in an easily accessible location and enhances the aesthetics of the entire station. Another element of the set is a sturdy cup holder that can hold cups, glasses or bottles. The whole set is complemented by a metal gaming gear stand, which is most often used to store gamepads. Everything is included in the price!

for work and learning
ATOMIC offers a very versatile structural design. This computer desk was designed with a number of uses in mind. It is used for computer games or as a study or workplace. It can meet all expectations, regardless of the age of the user and their computer equipment. If you want to combine your professional or educational activity with your favorite gaming activity in one place, the presented computer desk is a perfect match.

room for legs
Innovative technology and material solutions have allowed us to completely remove the lower crossbeam. The improved design is more comfortable than older solutions. The player can always spread his legs loosely without risking a painful confrontation between his feet and hard metal. A design without the lower crossbeam increases comfort, but also makes it easier to operate a high PC computer case. Such a design also looks a lot better!

cable holes
Nowadays, advanced gaming sets consist of an increasing number of monitors and peripherals. To meet user expectations, we have increased the size of the holes for cables drilled in the ULTRADESK ATOMIC desktop. Now you can easily run a variety of cables of different diameters under the tabletop, both on the left and right side of the workspace. Our new cable openings can accommodate even the thickest power cables.

Adjustable feet with enlarged diameter and rubber coating on the underside – not only give us an easy way to adjust the height of the desk or compensate for unevenness in the floor, but also prevent us from scratching our floor, when moving the furniture. The rubber filling on the underside of the feet also increases the stability of the entire construction.

easy assembly
It takes no more than 20-40 minutes to set up the desk. No specialist knowledge is required for assembly. The screws are packed in separate bags, so that they cannot be lost during transport. Each product is accompanied by clear instructions, that describe in detail in graphic and text form all the steps required to assemble the product. The manual is also available on the ULTRADESK brand’s official website.

safe packing
To protect all parts of the product, the ATOMIC model is packed in two boxes. Their outer layer successfully prevents mechanical damage and completely eliminates the influence of negative weather conditions. Individual elements are neatly sorted and secured in the boxes. The packaging consists only of recyclable materials. We carefully develop our own product protection technologies for transportation, which were also used in the production of the ATOMIC.



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