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Precious gaming hardware must be kept safe at all cost. All of our desks provide excellent stability characteristics. The frame is always tested by experienced engineers and reinforced with special elements. High grade steel and aluminum combined with outstanding production technologies are a great guarantee, that each gaming table becomes solid as a rock. Ultradesk invents durable solutions for computer users and game console enthusiasts.


Conventional computer desks often limit the space under the desktop by adding crossbeams or drawers. The new frame designs from Ultradesk have entirely eliminated the need for any crossbeams. Each desk grants huge leg space without any obstacles, which could distract the player during an important online battle. It is important to relax your legs, if you have to stay in a sitting position during long gaming sessions.


A successful gaming desk must show off a unique design. Each of our models represents creative and futuristic forms. Our brand will never serve you boring products. Astonishing forms will amaze anyone, who dares to visit your gaming room. Parts from carbon fiber and polished aluminum create a captivating look. The designs are perfectly underlined by different types of LED illuminations – from simple one color systems to advanced LED RGB light bars.


Each product offers a different set of useful extensions, which in most cases are included in the price. These include small inventions like e.g. cup holders, headphones hooks, stands, cable management or larger solutions like electric motors for lift function – every gaming desk model provides an interesting set of extensions. An important element of a gaming station is without a doubt a spacious mouse pad. Ultradesk includes a huge pad with each sold desk – for some models it covers the whole desktop.