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Our brand

ULTRADESK presents gaming desks, which break with old conventions and show new ideas and concepts for a great computer station. Our brand is dedicated exclusively to European gamers. Before we start the production of a completely new model, our designers and engineers consult hundreds of active eSports professionals from around Europe, which take part in the most famous gaming tournaments and leagues. Each new gaming desk must be first accepted by the eSports community. This is the way, all the final designs are created. For example the idea to install a full RGB LED system came from real gamers, who often accented the lack of such solutions. Another concept introduced together with professional players are the side barriers on the desktop. No gamer likes it, when his precious hardware accidentally falls on the floor. This danger factor has been eliminated by ULTRADESK.

Each new product must pass a 2-year test phase, before it’s mature enough to enter the retail market. Strict quality control according to EU norms ensures, that our computer tables can stay in perfect condition for a really long time. Talented designers achieve great forms, which guarantee high ergonomic value. The ULTRADESK brand wants to set new standards and show future oriented products. Innovative gamer desk layouts with revolutionary, technological solutions are our trademark. The revolution in gaming furniture has just began. ULTRADESK has quickly become one of the leaders of this progressive movement. Each desk is a real masterpiece, which will highlight strong eSports ambitions.