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for computer chair
The ULTRADESK ARROW floormat has been made in a large size, that allows the chair to move freely without having to slide down to the floor. It offers a large usable area that will meet the expectations of the owner of any computer chair. The floormat is very thin, which further improves its comfort. If you like to move your chair often while using the computer, be sure to equip your gaming station with ARROW.

gaming desk
Most chair pads on the market offer a round or rectangular shape. This is not an ideal form for working at a computer desk. ULTRADESK ARROW presents complex shapes that better suit the needs of users. In the front part, a surface has been added that makes it easier to move the chair under the desktop. Thanks to this solution, the floormat provides perfect protection in every possible position of the chair.

top surface
The material used in ULTRADESK ARROW offers a very smooth external structure, which makes the chair move very silently on it. Our innovative surface drastically reduces chair movement noise. Thanks to such characteristics, it is perfect not only for a gaming room, but also for offices where there are more people, and noisy wheels can negatively affect the working environment. At the same time, the selected material facilitates the movement of the wheels on the pad, thanks to which the user does not have to exert effort to move the chair.

protection of floor
Our mat protects the floor from scratches and abrasions resulting from the movement of the wheels. It can be used with any type of hard floor. It is recommended for all types of wooden floors, which can easily be permanently damaged when moving a loaded gaming chair. It is also great for stone, plastic and glass floors. The product can also be successfully used in rooms with underfloor heating.

non-water absorbing
The upper surface is made of a special material that does not absorb water. Thanks to this, spilling a drink or other liquid will not require thorough cleaning of the mat. The liquid can be easily removed from its upper surface, because it does not penetrate directly into the structure of the material.

clean floormat
The work surface definitely simplifies the cleaning of the product. The material used does not absorb water and is stain resistant. In addition, it offers a structure that clearly facilitates the removal of dust and dirt. Thanks to these solutions, ARROW will stay in perfect condition for much longer. However, if it gets dirty in any way, you can be sure that you will clean it immediately using a damp microfiber cloth. A vacuum cleaner can also be used for cleaning.

non-slip bottom
The problem with older mats was their automatic movement, which from time to time required adjustments of the position on the floor. The bottom layer of the ULTRADESK ARROW floormat is made of a non-slip material, that perfectly attaches the whole product to any type of flat floor. It does not lose its properties even after a long time of use. The rubberized bottom significantly improves the comfort of using the pad.

A critical point of this type of products are their outer edges. They should be additionally protected to prevent damage over time. In the case of ULTRADESK ARROW, a thick black stitching is used on the outer edges to prevent excessive wear of this area of ​​the product. The use of a thick seam also prevents uncontrolled sliding from the surface of the mat directly onto the floor.

external graphics layer
Attractive graphics perfectly emphasize the modern character of a computer station and attract the attention of people in the room. The graphics have been made using an advanced technique, that guarantees, it will not lose its visual attractiveness over time due to the wear of the upper surface. All images emphasize the modern character of a room and perfectly match modern computer equipment, that is placed on a gaming desk.

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