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Ultradesk BOOSTER


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Monitor number
136 x 70,5 CM
Height adjustment
Accessories included
Multifunction holder for cups and headphones, Cable shelf, Control panel for lighting

Medium-sized gaming desk offering a futuristic design, advanced functional extensions and an impressive RGB PRISMATIC LED lighting system. It is based on a reinforced steel frame and a thick desktop with a protective layer. It guarantees stability, durability and high comfort of use. High-quality materials allow it to maintain its aesthetic and functional qualities for a very long time. An exemplary desk for an ambitious player who expects a well thought out furniture design. An ideal basis for building a station based on any gaming platforms.

Tough gameplay? Do you see your victory in dark colors? Add some lighting to your game. Thanks to the LED RBG PRISMATIC technology our system emits several dozen percent more vivid colors than the LED RGB itself. The lighting is arranged on large transparent panels inside both side supports. The control is carried out using two buttons located on the right side under the front edge of the desktop. Got a night game coming up? Then you will appreciate the epic nature of this illumination even more.

A thick layer of durable material allows the desktop to easily cope with the weight of computer equipment included in the strongest gaming stations. If necessary, you can safely place a computer case on it. The corners of the desktop have been rounded for increased comfort. The stylish cut of the side edges perfectly harmonizes with the original design of the legs. The desktop has been covered with a durable protective layer, and two wide through holes have been added in its rear part.

The unique design of the side supports effectively and evenly transfers the weight of the equipment to the floor, but also leaves room for impressive panels with RGB PRISMATIC LED lighting. The supports were made in the shape of a trapezoid, inside which transparent, decorated panels with the ULTRADESK brand logo were installed. Their shape resembles the engines of a space rocket. LEDs are installed on the edges of the panels. This solution provides very interesting effects when multicolored light is dispersed on the surface of the panels.

Furniture for gamers must absolutely be characterized by exemplary durability. The high-quality steel frame used in the ULTRADESK BOOSTER successfully meets these requirements. The frame elements have been specially thickened and reinforced. The connections of all parts have been designed with masterful care to guarantee perfect stability. A gaming desk with a “Rage Safe” construction – it will especially please gamers who prefer fast-paced action – it can withstand greater loads and energetic outbursts of emotions often accompanying virtual gameplay.

Where to hide the power supply elements? A practical solution is the shelf installed in the back of the desktop. It allows for free installation of even long power strips, as well as for additional management of cables led out through the holes in the desktop. The shelf offers open surfaces on its sides, which further facilitates the optimal routing of cables. We made sure that the shelf was not only highly functional, but also visually attractive.

Capacious through-holes for cables hollowed out in the desktop, combined with a long shelf, offer an integrated system for managing cables and smaller components for power supply. The openings are equipped with round masking elements in the color of the desktop, thanks to which they can be completely closed if necessary. The desk offers solutions for comfortable arrangement of cables of various diameters, including many thick power cables.

In the set you will receive the latest version of our multifunctional EXTRA ONE holder. It can be used as a drink holder and headphones holder at the same time. It was made of solid metal. The universal mounting system allows installation anywhere on the edge of the desk. The bottom surface of the drink pocket has been additionally supplemented with anti-slip material. The design of the headphone holder offers special holes for cables and a solution to prevent the suspended equipment from slipping.

A thick layer of strong material perfectly protects the desktop from mechanical damage, such as scratches or dents. In addition, the coating also protects against chemicals that can cause stains or permanent damage to the surface. Thanks to the protective coating, the desktop is easy to clean. It also has a positive effect on the durability of the furniture, protecting it from daily wear and tear.

Innovative technology and material solutions have allowed us to completely remove the lower crossbeam. The improved design is more comfortable than older solutions. The player can always spread his legs loosely without risking a painful confrontation between his feet and hard metal. A design without the lower crossbeam increases comfort, but also makes it easier to operate a high PC computer case. Such a design also looks a lot better!

Adjustable feet with an increased diameter and a rubber finish on the bottom – not only give us a slight possibility of adjusting the height of the desk or leveling the unevenness of the floor, but also prevent us from scratching the floor when moving the furniture. The rubber filling of the bottom of the feet also significantly increases the stability of the entire structure. The BOOSTER model offers feet in a specific shape, that perfectly complements the futuristic concept of the product.

A computer desk that is very versatile. It was created for a number of applications. It is used for computer games, but also as a workplace or a station for everyday study. A versatile piece of furniture with a comfortable structure and a wide range of possibilities.

In order to protect the elements of the desk even better, we pack them in two boxes that are convenient to transport. Accessories and smaller parts are additionally packed in cardboard inner boxes. The outer box offers perfect protection against negative weather conditions and mechanical damage. Thanks to the simple assembly instructions, which you will find in the packaging and on our website, assembling all the elements is easy and takes relatively little time.


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