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Accessories included
Screws, hex keys, additional mounting elements

advanced monitor holders
ULTRADESK BRANCH SINGLE is an advanced mount for a single monitor up to 32 inches in size. The universal nature of its design makes it compatible with most flat and curved displays available on the market today. It offers two mounting methods, which makes it compatible with any type of computer desk. The holder provides a number of options, that make it easy to position the monitor in the optimal spot. Gain even more space on your desktop with a professional monitor mount!

gas lift
The arm of the holder is based on a high-quality gas spring, which is largely responsible for its impeccable stability by balancing the weight of the monitor. It enables precise adjustment of its position while maintaining exemplary static properties of the entire set. Gas spring holders are currently considered the most innovative solution, that provides an unprecedented level of comfort during adjustment. ULTRADESK BRANCH has a durable spring that will retain its parameters for a very long time.

swivel option
The main element of the mount is a swivel arm made of aluminum, which allows you to move the monitor in space by a full 360 degrees around its own axis. It was made of a durable and strong metal alloy, and its outer surface was protected with an aesthetic coating. The mechanism used is very reliable and does not require time-consuming conservation measures to maintain its full functionality.

change TILT
The product is equipped with a mechanism for vertical adjustment of the inclination – up and down. It will prove useful in many situations, e.g. when using a desk in a standing position. The tilt can be useful, if you often need to present the fruits of your digital work to people standing next to the desktop. This parameter is defined by mechanisms located at two points inside the arm structure, its change takes only a few seconds.

adjust height
Thanks to the smooth height adjustment, you can perfectly adjust the display setting to your body size. Placing the monitor at the correct height reduces strain on the spine, because the user does not have to bend down to look at the computer screen. This option is also very useful for younger users, who are still in the growth phase and will need to raise the position of the monitor over time. The adjustment used in the ULTRADESK BRANCH mount allows you to set the height with an accuracy of 1 millimeter.

The rotational movement of the holder can be blocked in the range of 180 degrees, which allows you to stiffen it in any position over the entire surface of the desktop. The lock is especially useful, if you plan to spread multiple monitors onto individual mounts. In this case, it allows you to maintain a precise arrangement of displays relative to each other, and thus guarantees a stable working area on several monitors.

cable connections
Inside the structure there are special channels for cable management. They make it easier to route additional connections to the back of the desk or under the desktop, and at the same time aesthetically mask the presence of selected cables. They have been designed in such a way, that you can easily fit in them cables connecting the display to the computer, console or power supply.

Pivot setting
Thanks to the Pivot Function, you can easily rotate the monitor screen by 90° from the standard horizontal position to the vertical position. An option praised by users who use their equipment for programming, graphic design, computer systems administration, text or spreadsheet editing, as well as professionals in many other fields related to digital data processing. Pivot is a feature that also proves to be very useful, when creating a set of displays to produce online streams.

VESA plate
Fully VESA compliant for 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm mounts (options most commonly used on today’s computer monitors). The VESA mount type refers to the vertical and horizontal distance between the mounting holes in millimeters. The exact information about the standard supported by a particular monitor is provided by the manufacturers in the device specification, in its user manual, on the box or a special sticker placed on the back of the housing. The BRANCH mount is equipped with a removable VESA plate, which greatly simplifies the installation of the display.

cable inlets
In the base of the handle you will find two entries for USB cables, through which you can effectively lead additional connections to the back of the desk. Both of them have been masked and do not disturb the external aesthetics of the product, if the user does not intend to use them. A small extension that can facilitate the connection of important components of the computer set in a comfortable and safe way.

10 kg
BRANCH guarantees 100% safety for monitors weighing up to 10 kilograms. This level of load capacity makes the product suitable for most monitors up to 32 inches offered by leading manufacturers. The most popular gaming monitors currently weigh between 4 and 8 kilograms.

mounting methods
You can install the ULTRADESK BRANCH monitor holder using one of the two available methods. The first one allows you to attach the structure to the back or side edge of your desk. The second way allows for mounting inside through-holes, which are often an integral part of desktops in computer desks. This solution makes the product even more universal and gives the user more options, when designing a gaming station.

In the set with the monitor holder, we provide all the accessories needed for quick assembly of the product. Among them you will find functional extensions, necessary keys and smaller mounting elements. Regardless of the chosen installation method, thanks to the included accessories, you can move your monitor to the new mount in the shortest time possible.

USB cables
As a bonus, we include two USB cables with the product, which can be used for connections inside the inlet holes of the mount or for any other purpose. An additional gift from ULTRADESK, which helps to facilitate the construction of a comfortable computer station.

safe pc hardware
The packaging has been designed specifically for the selected monitor mount model. It protects the product effectively against harmful external factors. Careful protection of all parts against even the smallest transport damage means that the customer always receives a product that is 100% functional and at the same time looks perfect on the outside.

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