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computer cabinet
ULTRADESK CRATE is a versatile computer cabinet that can fulfill various tasks within a modern gaming or work station. It is distinguished by its original design and a large number of potential functionalities. It offers two large shelves, a capacious drawer, additional space for power supply elements and several smaller extensions. It has been equipped with wheels for movement and through holes for wiring. A durable computer cabinet that fits perfectly into any room thanks to its modern and universal style.

spacious drawer
The core of the structure is a convenient drawer with large capacity. It is located in the lower part of the cabinet. Its dimensions allow you to store several large or many smaller items. The drawer has a trouble-free and durable pull-out mechanism. Hard and thick walls guarantee that it will not bend under heavy loads. The large handle definitely makes it easier to close and open the drawer.

In the upper part of the cabinet there is a spacious shelf for equipment, which is freely accessible across the entire width. On the back wall there is a large through hole that facilitates the connection of equipment placed on the shelf. The location of the shelf means that it can be used for many tasks, as it is easily accessible to the user. On its sides there are holes that help with ventilation of computer hardware.

for PC and gaming equipment
At the top, additional space is planned for different types of computer equipment. Thanks to its large dimensions, it will accommodate, for example, a printer and/or scanner, as well as a number of other peripheral devices used for specialized purposes. The upper surface has been raised on the side edges, which has a positive effect on the safety of the stored equipment.

cable management
The construction offers two large through-holes for cable connections. The first one is located on the back wall of the upper shelf. The second is placed on the open top surface. Both openings are very capacious and enable trouble-free connection of the equipment placed on the cabinet with the computer.

The set also includes additional boxes and shelves in a small size that can be mounted on the outer structure of the cabinet. They can be used to store smaller items such as memory cards, other small computer accessories or writing instruments. These elements add a bit of individual character to the product, because it is the user who ultimately decides where to mount them.

power supply
At the back of the cabinet you will find additional space for various types of power supplies or a long power strip. It has been connected with through holes with other spaces located in the upper part of the CRATE. On one side, its edge has been secured with a raised metal element that helps to permanently keep the power strip in the selected place.

protective layer
The upper surface of the cabinet is equipped with a non-slip protective layer. Its specific structure means that objects placed on it are effectively attached. At the same time, it protects the ULTRADESK CRATE from unsightly scratches. The anti-slip layer in tandem with the raised edges is able to ensure full safety of your hardware and prevent situations in which the equipment could accidentally be dropped to the floor.

metal handle
A large metal handle is mounted on the front of the drawer, which significantly increases comfort. Thanks to this solution, a heavily loaded drawer still does not cause any difficulties when opening and closing. The handle reflects the three-dimensional logotype of the ULTRADESK brand, and thanks to the high-quality metal, it is characterized by first-class durability.

wheels and brake
Moving the furniture does not require any special effort. The cabinet is equipped with 4 wheels that make it very easy to change its position. If you want to permanently stop the cabinet in a selected spot, you can use a special brake. The wheels make it very easy to move the cabinet to a new place, even if it is fully loaded with various items and devices. ULTRADESK CRATE is a mobile piece of furniture with the option of complete blocking in a designated spot.

protected edges
On three sides, the upper surface has been limited by low, metal walls that protect the equipment against accidental knocking to the floor. Each of them has been decorated with a laser cut brand logo of ULTRADESK. A minor modification that is of great importance for the security of computer equipment.

durable materials
All parts of ULTRADESK CRATE are manufactured from the highest quality materials using the latest production technologies. Thanks to this, it belongs to products with increased durability and strength. The materials used for production are meticulously verified for their key properties. Each cabinet will withstand long years of intensive use without the slightest problem.

compact package
All parts have been factory packed in a way that protects them from damage of any kind until unpacking. Smaller elements are completely separated from the main parts, which primarily prevents scratches during transport. The product packaging protects against moisture and harmful dust. When starting the assembly, you can be sure that all parts of the cabinet will be taken out of the box in perfect condition.


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