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Ultradesk GRAND

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Monitor number
160 x 75 CM
Accessories included
Full desktop XXL mouse pad, cup holder, headphones hook, Ultradesk BEAM rack with USB Ports, net for cable and power management, 2x cable openings

pad for desktop
One of the largest pads in the arsenal of ULTRADESK. The version dedicated to the GRAND model is a real “game changer”, when it comes to the convenience of playing or working. The surface made of a special material with a thickness of 3 mm guarantees accuracy and full control over the computer mouse. The underside of the pad is made of rubber interwoven with composite fibers, ensuring a perfect fit and adherence to the surface of the table top. The pad is available in as many as 5 colors. Choose your color at the top of the product card.

waterproof gaming table
The pad is fully waterproof. You don’t have to worry that accidental spills of water will have a negative effect on the surface of the desktop and the mouse will stop reading your hand movement efficiently. No worries! The waterproof properties of the ULTRADESK pad also make it easier to clean the surface. This makes it much easier to keep the desktop perfectly clean.

made from metal
The structure of the GRAND model has been carefully designed to balance the forces acting on such a large table top. The frame and connecting elements are made of premium class steel, and the whole gaming desk is very easy to assemble. The GRAND model is an excellent option for all consumers, who need a lot of space for everyday work or want to accommodate larger computer sets. It is also great for players who use both computers and consoles for virtual competition.

additional parts
Together with the GRAND desk, you receive a full package of accessories from ULTRADESK. Each set includes: a pad stand with four charging USB ports, which allows you to enjoy the game continuously by supplying energy to your controller; a cup holder and a headphones hook, thanks to which you will take care of order enter a new level of comfort of use. All accessories are within easy reach of the player sitting in a gaming chair. Such an equipped desk noticeably increases the comfort during the game.

very large size
The GRAND model is one of the largest desks in the ULTRADESK offer – 160 cm wide and as much as 75 cm deep, making this a product for really demanding users. The desktop surface easily accommodates complex triple monitor setups. The front side of the table top has been cut to significantly improve the ergonomic properties during various activities related to many hours of work at the desk. Two holes have been cut in the table top, through which you can manage cables.

mechanical height adjustment
The height of the desktop can be easily manually adjusted. We can choose from 3 settings – from 70 to 75 to 80 cm. You can easily adapt the work surface to your needs. Thus, it is also an optimal product for adolescent players who, over time, can freely lift the desktop to a higher level, without the need to buy another piece of furniture. Changing the height is an express process and does not require disassembling the entire structure.

net for cables
GRAND is the only model that offers a net attached to the bottom surface of the desktop. The net can be used as a cable manager as well as perform other functions. Users use it successfully to install electrical strips or power supplies supporting additional accessories. It is made of durable material, and its well-thought-out arrangement makes it invisible to people standing in front of or next to the desk.

stylish computer desk
The desk received a completely new form from our designers. Thanks to the original but also elegant shapes of the desktop and frame, this product will fit perfectly into any type of modern interior design. At the same time, ULTRADESK engineers and designers have made every effort to ensure that the interesting design goes hand in hand with advanced ergonomics and exemplary stability. GRAND is a piece of furniture that will enrich interiors with various characteristics in a sophisticated way, while remaining for a long time an object representing a fashionable style.

safety of transport
ULTRADESK GRAND is delivered to the customer in a single package, which has been carefully protected against potential hazerds. Both the inside and the outer layer protect the product against unfavorable weather conditions and mechanical damage. As a result, the ordered piece of furniture always reaches its new owner in perfect condition!



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