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136 x 60 x 55-81 CM
Height adjustment
Accessories included
Control panel, Headphones hook, Cable clip

ULTRADESK offers two color versions of PULSAR LED RGB – white and black. Thanks to the use of the two basic colors, it is much easier to adapt the desk to your preferred interior style. The frame and the desktop have been provided with a high-quality coating, that retains a perfect color, even when exposed to frequent direct sunlight. Please remember to select your preferred color before adding this product to your shopping cart.

electric height adjustment
Advanced system of stepless height adjustment of the desktop in the range from 55 to 81 cm, which allows you to use this computer desk both in sitting and standing position. Modern electric motors and an easy-to-use control panel. The desk raises or lowers at a safe speed. The electric height adjustment system has been built using only the highest quality components, meaning it offers users the highest possible level of reliability and durability. Thanks to the stepless height adjustment, the ULTRADESK PULSAR LED RGB always adapts perfectly to your height!

A new version of the PULSAR desk, which additionally offers large panels with extraordinary RGB LED backlight on the sides of the desktop. Multicolored illumination is emitted on large surfaces, which makes it really effective to illuminate the gaming desk. The casing of the panels has been given a modern shape and fully integrated with the desktop. PULSAR LED RGB is a small computer desk with great visual potential.

Furniture for gaming or long periods of work at the computer should be characterized above all by high durability. The steel frame used in the presented computer desk undoubtedly meets these requirements. Its elements have been specially strengthened in critical areas. The connections of all parts have been engineered with masterly care to ensure exemplary stability. The reinforced frame ensures, that PULSAR LED RGB does not lose its excellent static parameters over time.

PULSAR LED RGB works great with any computer set based on one or two monitors, or equipped with a laptop. The desktop also serves as a base for gamers who prefer video consoles. Due to the compact size of the workspace, this piece of furniture also fits into very small rooms. Despite its small size, this desk offers enough space for lots of accessories and external devices that are used for gaming or working. PULSAR is currently the smallest computer desk with electric height adjustment in the entire product collection of ULTRADESK.

The easy-to-use configuration panel with three large, ergonomic buttons allows you to continuously raise or lower the work surface. The heart of the panel is a special processor that ensures perfect synchronization when moving the desktop. The control panel is mounted on the right side just below the front edge of the desktop. This means you will never have to get up from your chair to change the settings.

Need a computer desk where the workspace is fairly low off the floor? The electric height adjustment system used in the ULTRADESK PULSAR LED RGB allows you to lower the desktop to a height of 55 cm, which is an unprecedented result among the products available on the market. As a result, PULSAR LED RGB meets the requirements of a very wide range of users. It offers the lowest minimum height of any of our designs.

The desk offers a modern electric motor, which ensures greater resilience and durability. The motor consumes a minimum of electricity. When lifting, it always works very quietly – max. 45 dB. It is not audible at all from a distance of several meters, giving peace of mind to the rest of the family. User safety is guaranteed by a series of electrical protections.

A number of integrated protection devices guarantee problem-free use in every situation. Connections between individual components have been professionally masked. The entire desk has been designed so that the youngest users cannot independently access live or moving parts. The built-in overload protection ensures that the motor will not be damaged if you place many very heavy objects on the desktop.

The product includes a convenient headphone holder located in front of the desktop on the left. This allows the user to conveniently take off and put on the headphones without having to search for a suitable place to store them. The headphones hook is very solid and stable. This solution works especially well, if we want to use the headphones quickly when making calls, listening to music or watching movies.

The clip at the back of the desktop is designed to keep all connections in place and prevent cables from accidentally slipping or dangling. It is a smart solution that allows you to conveniently connect computer devices to monitors and accessories, while eliminating the problem of tangled cables. As a result, the user can enjoy a clean and tidy workplace or gaming station, which has a positive effect on efficiency.

Our height adjustment system is an eco-friendly solution that does not have a noticeable impact on your electricity bill. The implemented patents guarantee exceptionally low power consumption. The motor is very energy efficient and does not waste electricity when idling. The electronics installed in the control panel consume only minimal amounts of energy in standby mode. The height adjustment system is powered by a conventional 230V socket.

protection of users
Electrical protections ensure user safety. The connections between the individual components have been professionally covered. The whole desk has been designed in such a way that the youngest users cannot gain access to live electric parts by themselves.

A thick layer of strong material covering the desktop perfectly protects it from mechanical damage, such as scratches or dents. In addition, the coating also protects against chemicals that can stain or permanently damage the surface. Thanks to the protective coating, the workspace is easy to maintain. It also has a positive effect on the durability of the furniture and protects it from daily wear and tear. As a result, the desktop remains in good condition for longer, even after intensive use, without losing quality.

Adjustable feet with increased diameter give a slight room for adjusting the height or leveling the unevenness of the floor. You can adjust each feet in the range of up to 1 cm.

This new design allows gamers to freely spread their legs under the desktop. Painful confrontations between the feet and hard metal are not to be feared, which contributes to increased comfort during long gaming sessions. The removal of a lower crossbar also enables comfortable use of a high computer case. You can place the central unit freely, without the restrictions of conventional computer desk constructions. The frame without the lower crossbar looks aesthetically pleasing and modern.

A computer desk that is very versatile. It was designed for a range of applications. It is used for computer games, but also as a workplace or piece of furniture for everyday learning. Its use may change with age. Universal piece of furniture with a comfortable structure and multiple possibilities.

ULTRADESK PULSAR LED RGB is shipped in a single package that has been specially protected against possible damage. Both the inner and outer layers of the packaging protect against harmful influences and mechanical damage. As a result, the product always arrives at the customer in perfect condition!



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