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Monitor number
128 x 68 CM
Height adjustment
Accessories included
XL mouse pad, cup holder, headphones hook, compartment for power strips and hard drives, 2x cable openings

mouse pad included
In the package you will always find a first-class XL mouse pad. Its work surface is made of an abrasion and water resistant material. Guarantees precise and responsive tracking for laser and optical mice. The pad consists of two connected layers with a total thickness of 3 millimeters! It was made in dark gray with unique decorative graphics. The lower anti-slip layer prevents the pad from slipping, even during dynamic movements.

illumination with special modes
Let yourself be amazed by the LED RGB lighting, which offers 7 standard colors and a special mode with color rotation. LEDs were integrated into the desktop – a total of 4 segments with LEDs were installed. Use the touch button on the right side to change the colors and mode. The lighting system can be powered from any device with a USB port. It also makes an interesting impression during the day, but only unfolds its full potential at night (especially in combination with computer equipment illuminated in the same color). See for yourself!

gamer desk construction
A gaming desk must be well prepared for the stresses of competition at the highest level, enthusiastic gestures when winning or deep frustration after defeat must not have any influence on its design. Additional reinforcements are therefore used in the ROCKET model. These parts are installed in spots, that are most responsible for stability. At the same time, they are not large enough to negatively affect the attractiveness of the external appearance of the desk. Thanks to the reinforcements, the load-bearing capacity was also increased.

protected front edge
The front edge of the desk is covered with a wide protective layer made of aluminum. In addition, it has been tilted to improve ease of use. The inclination of the front edge is particularly perceived by gamers, who like to put their forearms on the desktop. Our solution completely protects the front part of the desk from mechanical damage. Polished aluminum also has a positive effect on the aesthetic parameters of the product. This element is an eye catcher and looks very impressive.

two holders
In the front corners of the work surface there are two holders, that are firmly attached to the desk. The massive headphone holder is on the left. On the right side there is a cup holder. When not in use, the holders can be quickly hidden in the whole structure. The mentioned extensions are easily accessible for the gamer sitting in a computer chair. Both patents aren’t just decoration – most gamers use them on a daily basis. A computer desk equipped in this way noticeably increases comfort during the game.

slot for smartphones
Just above the pad in the middle of the desktop there is a slot for mobile devices. Thanks to this patent, you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard to follow the information on your mobile phone. Its design allows the device to be placed in a vertical position. The slot is easy to reach so you don’t have to stand up to take your phone out. It is suitable for both mobile phones and tablets. At the bottom of the slot you will find holes for charging cables.

wide cable holes
The cable outlets designed for the ROCKET model are not only wider, but also more practical than in conventional computer desks. Now you can easily run a multitude of cables of different diameters under the desk on both the left and right side. The edges of the holes have been raised to facilitate the formation of an orderly bundle of cables. This is especially important for players, who use a wide range of accessories at the same time. For the ULTRADESK brand, ease of use always comes first!

compartment for hard drives
Do you use computer accessories that don’t have to be on your desktop all the time? On the right side there is a spacious storage compartment inside the table top. Access to the contents is secured by a door, that opens upwards. You can easily accommodate an external hard drive, gamepad, power strip or other gaming accessories in it. The inside has large cable openings. Once closed, the door becomes part of the desktop, so with this solution you don’t lose even a millimeter of the external work surface.

futuristic shape
The most futuristic desktop in the entire ULTRADESK collection. It consists of 4 different materials. The sides are made of thick, hard plastic, which made the product stiffer. The central area of ​​the desktop is a dense wood fiber board, which has also been expanded with a carbon protective layer. The front edge of the desk is slightly inclined for more comfortable use of the computer keyboard. In addition, the front edge is covered with a wide protective layer of aluminum.

new frame
Thanks to modern technology and material solutions, we were able to completely remove the lower cross beam, which has a positive effect on comfort and ergonomics. The gamer can stretch his legs freely and will not accidentally hit hard metal with his feet. The lack of a cross beam makes it easy to accommodate a tall computer case or audio system components under the desk. Plus, without such a part, the design just looks a lot more attractive!

Adjustable feet with an enlarged diameter and a rubberized underside not only give us a small opportunity to adjust the height or compensate for unevenness in the floor, but also prevent us from scratching our floor, when moving the furniture or accidentally rubbing the edges with great force. The rubber filling on the underside of the feet significantly increases the stability of the structure and reduces the risk of the desk slipping due to user movements. Thanks to the feet, you can easily set up the ROCKET anywhere up to a millimeter.

tested design
ULTRADESK ROCKET is delivered in perfectly protected packaging, that is almost completely recyclable. Accessories and small parts are packed in inner boxes, so that they are not exposed to accidental damage. We used several separate methods to protect individual components of the product from potential threats. The packaging offers perfect protection against negative weather influences and mechanical damage.



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    I am glad that i came across website. I never seen such a Epic Desk in my life. Shipping was fast and once set up the desk actually looks like from future itself.. It looks super futuristic and amazing. The lights can be changed to other colors. This completes my gaming setup perfectly. . Everyone loves the desk and asks where i got it from. I will always keep recommending their site to others. If i could give i would give 10 stars instead of 5.

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