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Ultradesk SPACE XXL

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Monitor number
144 x 70 CM
Height adjustment
Accessories included
XXL mouse pad, cup holder, headphones hook, gaming gear rack, 2x cable openings

SPACE XXL stands for a very futuristic design. The desktop has been equipped with special covers that make it look like a control panel from a spaceship. In combination with the multicolored lighting and the Z-shaped frame, the desk looks like a prop from a science-fiction movie.

Be amazed by the stunning LED RGB lighting that offers 6 standard colors and a special mode. LED diodes are installed in the side covers of the desk. Use the button on the right to change colors and mode. Any device with a USB port can be used to supply power. The lighting sensationally underlines the character of the entire gaming station. It looks wonderful in any mode. See for yourself!

In the set with the SPACE XXL gaming desk you always get an extra-large pad. A new type of material was used to manufacture the pad, which offers an excellent working surface for lasers and optical sensors. There is a thick seam on the outer edges, which extends the life of the product. In addition, it definitely increases its aesthetic value. Please remember to select the color of the pad before adding your product to the shopping cart!

A gamer’s desk must be prepared for the various stresses of competition at the highest level, without outbursts of joy or symptoms of deep frustration detracting from its usefulness. Therefore, in addition to a thick metal construction, the SPACE XXL model also received additional reinforcements. You can find these elements in the critical spots of the frame. Thanks to them, the work surface becomes ultra-stable!

A gaming desk for players with above-average enthusiasm for electronic sports. In addition to the basic elements of a computer station, such as monitors, keyboard or mice, the tabletop of SPACE XXL will also easily accommodate many more special accessories useful in virtual conquests. The large surface of ​​the desktop definitely makes it easier to set up a professional gaming station.

When designing the SPACE XXL, we managed to combine an extraordinary style with a structure providing excellent static properties. The supports are produced from high quality metal, which made it possible to achieve ideal parameters in terms of stability and durability of the furniture. Z-shaped legs make the computer desk look original and futuristic while maintaining exemplary stability characteristics.

On the underside of the desktop, in its rear part, there is a spacious compartment, which is used for cable management and the installation of a socket strip. It takes managing the connections between your computer and peripherals to the next level. The compartment fits most power strips. Its shape impressively underlines the non-stereotypical character of ULTRADESK SPACE XXL.

A completely new generation of accessories from our brand, which was first used in the second version of SPACE XXL. The ULTRADESK CLIFF stand comes with the desk and offers a stable surface for smaller devices. It has been crafted from metal and the user can easily change the arrangement of its main elements. The second basic extension is the multifunctional EXTRA ONE holder – a successful combination of cup holder and headphone hook. Like the stand, it is also made of solid metal parts.

The entire tabletop has a special protective carbon coating. Such a thick coating better protects the desktop from mechanical damage. It also makes the desktop waterproof. At the same time, it makes cleaning the computer desk easier. Of course, this layer of protection also makes the whole product even more attractive.

Gamers are increasingly using multiple monitors and external devices in today’s computer sets. In order to meet user expectations, we have enlarged the hollowed out holes for cables in the desktop of the SPACE XXL V2 model. Now you can easily run a larger number of cables with different diameters under the desk on both the left and right side. Comfort always comes first!

Thanks to modern technology and material solutions, we were able to completely do without the lower cross beam, which significantly increases comfort. The user can easily straighten their legs and is not subject to accidental, painful striking of their feet against hard metal. The absence of a beam not only increases comfort, but also makes it easier to place a large computer case under the desk. In addition, the design simply looks much better without such a cross beam!

Adjustable feet with increased diameter and a rubberized bottom not only give us an easy way to adjust the height or level out unevenness in the floor, but also prevent us from scratching our floor when moving the furniture. The rubber filling on the underside of the feet also significantly increases the stability of the structure.

The gaming desk SPACE XXL is delivered to the customer in a single box. The packaging contains a number of security features that perfectly protect the product during transport. Inside, parts and assembly elements are neatly sorted and separated from each other. The product always arrives in perfect condition! The assembly instructions with clear pictures, which you will find in the packaging and on our website, make the assembly of all elements a child’s play.


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