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Ultradesk FRAG V3 LED RGB


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150 x 60 CM
Height adjustment
Accessories included
Full desktop XXL mouse pad, cup holder, headphones hook, Ultradesk BEAM rack with USB ports, shelf for power and cable management, 2x cable openings

A new version of the FRAG desk, which additionally offers large panels with extraordinary RGB LED backlight on the sides of the desktop. Multicolored illumination is emitted on large surfaces, which makes it really effective to illuminate the gaming desk. The casing of the panels has been given a modern shape and fully integrated with the desktop. FRAG LED RGB is a medium-sized desk with great visual potential.

Together with the FRAG desk, you always get a large-size pad for mouse, keyboard and other accessories. Advanced material was used for its production, which allows an excellent working surface for both laser and optical sensors. On the side edges you will find a thick stitch – it extends the life of the pad and provides an aesthetic appearance to its outer edges. Remember to choose the color of the pad before adding the desk to the shopping cart!

Furniture for gamers must be, above all, extremely durable. The steel frame used in the FRAG model undoubtedly meets these requirements. Its elements have been made very thick. The connections of all parts have been carefully designed to guarantee exemplary stability. The “Rage Safe” frame will especially please people who prefer action games, where during the game there are often sudden outbursts of joy or frustration.

You can fit two large monitors or three small monitors on the desktop. The regular shape of the work surface makes it possible to perfectly position the furniture in any room. The widened rear edge makes it easier to set up the displays, as well as to mount a monitor holder. Thus, it noticeably increases the work space available in front of the displays. The corners have been cut to increase the comfort of use.

FRAG is a mixture of ergonomic values with futuristic accents. As a result, this computer desk will perfectly match both a minimalistic and quite progressive interior design. Players choosing this model emphasize that its advantage is the fact, that it does not distract from the impressive gaming equipment, which is to be the first to focus the attention of the observer assessing a given computer set for the first time. A successful compromise between modern design and practical solutions.

Where to hide the power elements? The optimal solution is a shelf installed at the back of the desktop. It allows for easy installation of even long power strips, as well as for additional management of cabling led out through the holes in the table top. We made sure that the shelf is not only highly functional, but also attractive. That is why our designers gave it a very distinctive shape.

A universal computer desk must offer a wide range of useful accessories. With the ULTRADESK FRAG, you won’t be missing anything. On the sides of the desktop, under the front edge, you can install a cup holder and a headphone holder (included in the set). Both of these extensions aren’t just for decoration – most users use them every day. A unique highlight is the BEAM rack, which makes it easy to charge a variety of mobile devices and accessories. 4 USB ports are enough for every gamer. Of course, the rack also serves to store gamepads or game boxes. The ULTRADESK BEAM gaming rack is an integral part of the set.

Innovative technological and material solutions allowed us to completely remove the lower crossbeam. The improved design is more comfortable than the older solutions. The user can always spread his legs loosely, while not risking painful confrontation between his feet and hard metal. The lack of the lower crossbeam adds comfort, but also makes it easier to use tall computer cases. The design without the crossbeam also looks much better!

The XXL pad supplied in the set is completely waterproof. This feature facilitates care and of course has a significant impact on the safety of using the furniture while consuming drinks. After a slight spill, there is no need to stop the game. You don’t have to worry about accidental spilling of fluids! The water-resistant properties of the FRAG mousepad make cleaning easier.

Modern computer sets are built of an increasing number of external components. In addition to several monitors, a keyboard or a mouse, racing wheels or streaming devices are also used. Two large through holes with a diameter of 6 cm placed in the desktop are enough to build even the largest gaming set. The openings will facilitate the expansion of the computer with additional accessories in the future. We always put the player’s convenience first!

When designing the FRAG model, we refined even the smallest structural elements. Among other things, the diameter of the feet has been increased. Thanks to this, the desk gained a slight option of height adjustment in the range of 1 cm. With the help of these new feet, the furniture can be perfectly leveled. The bottom surface has been covered with special rubber to protect the floor from scratching, when moving the desk.

Properly developed packaging, which in addition to a thick outer layer contains numerous internal protective elements, allows you to wait for the ordered product in peace. The ULTRADESK FRAG gaming desk is stored in a single package. It has been protected against potential threats in several ways. It guarantees perfect protection of the product against unfavorable weather conditions and mechanical damage. The new desk is delivered to the customer in perfect condition!


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