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Ultradesk CRUISER

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Monitor number
160 x 70 CM
Height adjustment
Accessories included
XXL mouse pad, cup holder, headphones hook, gaming gear rack, shelf for cable management, 3x cable openings

gaming pad
The set with the CRUISER desk always comes with a XXL mouse pad. An innovative type of material was used for its production, which is very effective as a working surface for laser and optical sensors used in today’s computer mice. There is a thick protective layer on the outer edges, which extends the service life of each pad. Don’t forget to choose the color of the pad before adding the product to the shopping cart! You can choose a red or black pad for the CRUISER model.

huge workspace
ULTRADESK CRUISER is one of the most extensive desks in our brand’s offer – the desktop is 160 cm wide and 70 cm deep. The surface of the table top easily accommodates complex PC configurations with three monitors and a very large number of peripherals. The front edge of the desktop has been cut to significantly improve the ergonomic properties during long hours of activity at the computer or game console. The workspace is seated on a rigid frame and never flexes under the weight of the equipment.

innovative design
Products for players must be characterized, above all, by uncompromising durability. The steel frame that forms the basis of the ULTRADESK CRUISER perfectly meets these requirements. All metal parts have been specially thickened. Even the smallest combinations of individual elements have been designed with greatest care. The frame is “Rage Safe” – it will be especially appreciated by players choosing action games, who often test the durability of gaming furniture a little more.

rounded front edge
The front edge of the desktop has been rounded to further improve the ergonomic properties of the furniture. The cut along the front edge has a noticeable effect on the comfort of use. It facilitates access to beverages and headphones placed in the side holders. It positions the gamer located in the middle of the desk to be slightly closer to the monitors. At the same time, it makes the shape much more attractive.

cable storage
Nowadays, video game enthusiasts are building larger and larger computer sets, e.g. consisting of 2-4 monitors and numerous complementary devices. That is why in the presented CRUISER gaming desk, for the first time, we decided to drill 3 wide holes for cables in the desktop. Each of them has a diameter of 9.5 cm and has been masked with a special cover. The use of three holes will be especially helpful for people who have short cables connecting the monitors to the pc housing.

compartment for power
Use 110% of available space. In the rear part, under the top, there is a shelf for power strips and cables. Thanks to it, cable management in this model becomes easier and more convenient. It allows easier organization of connections between the various elements of the computer set. Its design has been matched to most power strips, and the external shape successfully emphasizes the non-stereotypical nature of the CRUISER model.

high load capacity computer desk
A properly designed steel frame with load-carrying elements, massive metal profiles with increased material thickness and the perpendicular structure of the legs to their bases guarantee ideal static properties. Thanks to steel reinforcements and stiffening elements, as well as the solid method of mounting the table top to the structure, the load-bearing capacity of the entire structure is impressive, amounting to 120 kilograms.

height adjustment
This gaming desk offers mechanical height adjustment. The user can choose from 4 possible settings – 66 cm, 71.1 cm, 76.2 cm and 81.2 cm. You will not set the desktop so low and high in any other manual height-adjustable desk from our offer. You can easily adjust the position of the work surface to your body size. Thus, it is also an optimal product for adolescent players who, over time, can freely lift the desktop to a higher level, without the need to buy another computer desk.

valuable accessories
An advanced computer desk must offer a wide range of useful accessories. In the set with the CRUISER model you will get a cup holder and a holder for headphones. Both of these extensions aren’t just for decoration – most gamers use them every day. You can decide for yourself on which side you will mount them. An additional extension included in the price is a metal gaming rack for games and gamepads.

free space
New technological and material solutions allowed us to completely abandon the use of a lower crossbeam. The improved design is characterized by increased comfort compared to older solutions. The user can always spread his legs loosely, while not risking the painful confrontation between his feet and hard metal. The lack of a crossbeam adds convenience, but also makes it easier to use a tall computer case.

safe transport
We also took care of safe transport. Everything is delivered in one box. In addition to a solid outer layer made of thick cardboard, we have used numerous internal elements to protect individual parts of the desk against damage and movement. We have used several separate methods to safeguard individual components of the product against potential threats. The outer packaging offers perfect protection against negative weather conditions and mechanical damage.



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