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Ultradesk ENTER V2

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Monitor number
100 x 60 CM
Height adjustment
Accessories included
Cup holder, Headphones hook, Cable clip

stable frame
A gaming desk must be prepared for the most varied loads related to competition at the highest level, outbursts of joy or symptoms of deep frustration must not affect its usefulness. That is why the ENTER model, apart from a thick metal base structure, also received additional reinforcements. You will locate these elements in the key points of the frame. Thanks to them, the work surface becomes ultra-stable!

steel legs
Thanks to the use of double side supports, it was possible to significantly increase the load capacity and ensure proper stiffening of the frame. The rear support has been specially thickened. For aesthetic purposes, it has also been slightly rounded. Our double side supports completely eliminate the swaying effect.

compact computer desk
ENTER works best with a computer set using one monitor or with a laptop. It can be successfully used as a console gaming station. The compact size of the desktop allows the desk to fit even in very small rooms. Despite its small dimensions, it can accommodate a lot of accessories and external devices used for games. ENTER is currently the smallest computer desk in the ULTRADESK offer.

comfortable desktop
The regular shape of the desktop allows you to perfectly position the desk in small spaces. Thanks to the use of a rectangular form, you can easily add a second desk or place this piece of furniture in the corner of the room without wasting the available space. This shape also facilitates the installation of monitor stands, which turn out to be very useful in small rooms.

headphones hook
Details matter – thanks to two nice bonuses from ULTRADESK your gameplay will change beyond recognition! In the set with the desk you get a cup holder and a headphones hook. Accessories not only practical, but also very effective, thanks to which your station will have everything you need to become a real esport star.

new design
Innovative technological and material solutions allowed us to remove the lower crossbeam. The improved design is more comfortable than the older solutions. The player can always spread his legs loosely, while not risking painful confrontation between his feet and hard metal. The lack of a crossbeam adds comfort, but also makes it easier to use tall computer cases. The design without this element looks much better!

tough feet
When designing the ENTER model, we refined even the smallest structural elements. Among other things, the diameter of the feet has been increased. Thanks to this, the desk gained a slight option of height adjustment in the range of 1 cm. With the help of new feet, the furniture can be perfectly leveled. The bottom surface has been covered with special rubber to protect the floor from scratching when moving the desk.

cable clips
A special cable management clip is installed at the back of the desktop. This clever solution allows you to comfortably connect computer equipment with monitors and accessories. The design of the clip ensures that you will never lose your nerves due to tangled cables. The clip holds the cables in a specific position, so that they are not visible to observers and do not disturb the appearance of the entire gaming station.

safe delivery
We also took care of safe transport. Everything is delivered in one box. In addition to a solid outer layer made of thick cardboard, we have used numerous internal elements to protect individual parts of the desk against damage and movement. We have used several separate methods to protect individual components of the product against potential threats. The outer packaging offers perfect protection against negative weather conditions and mechanical damage.


Our gaming desks offer innovative solutions that cannot be found in any other product of this type.
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