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42,5 x 29 x 17 CM
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Great expansion for each computer station – the footrest helps to maintain a healthy body posture in a sitting position. ULTRADESK FRONTSTEP will help your legs rest while playing. Thanks to its ergonomic properties, it keeps blood circulation in the feet at a healthy level. It prevents pain in the spine and feet that may occur due to keeping the body in an unhealthy position for a long time. With a footrest, medical problems will be a thing of the past, even if you have to spend long periods of time sitting while playing.

For an even better fit, the product offers two height levels. To lower the footrest, simply remove its base. The process takes only a few seconds. The smaller version of the footrest is often chosen by people with a lower body height. The maximum height equals 17 centimeters.

FRONTSTEP has been produced in a universal size. This means that regardless of the height and weight of the body, the footrest will always remain one hundred percent compatible, and its ergonomic qualities will not be reduced. It can be used by adults, adolescents or children. Its universal size also makes it suitable for any foot size and shape.

Thanks to the non-slip material placed on the bottom surface, the item will always stay in the preferred place. The non-slip layer is another element preventing leg fatigue, because you do not have to constantly correct the position of your feet. This layer retains its characteristics regardless of the type of material the floor in the target room is made of.

The lower base of the footrest is filled with HR foam. Like the main compartment, it is completely resistant to disfiguring dents. Always after the end of the session in front of the computer, it will automatically return to its original form. Thanks to this, the footrest will not lose its positive health benefits and will always adhere perfectly to the ground.

The padding of the footrest is crucial to its durability. Choosing the wrong material can cause the product to lose its ergonomic advantages after some time due to changes in shape. That is why FRONTSTEP has been completely filled with high-quality “MEMORY” foam, which always remains resilient. Each time it re-adjusts to the anatomical characteristics of the user’s feet.

Each element of the footrest is made of raw materials that guarantee longevity. Both the external coatings and all types of filling used are top-shelf material solutions. They will retain their shape and structure for a very long time. The choice of materials is crucial for the durability of the footrest, because its users can put a lot of pressure on the outer walls of this type of product, especially during an exciting game.

Due to its specific shape, the product almost automatically forces the user to adopt a healthy body posture. An ergonomic item that guarantees a stable and comfortable body position. In addition, the top layer with a honeycomb structure supports the ventilation of the feet and activates blood circulation.

The functionality of the ULTRADESK FRONTSTEP is not limited to the basic sitting position. Its properties can also be successfully used in a reclined or lying position. If you want to relax during a break before the next round of a game, all you have to do is tilt the computer chair and adjust the footrest accordingly. It can also be used as a support for calves or knees.


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