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Ultradesk LEVEL V2 – without Mouse Pad


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Monitor number
140 x 68 CM
Height adjustment
Accessories included
Cup holder, headphones hook, Ultradesk BEAM rack with USB Ports, cable net, cable clips, configuration panel, 2x cable openings

electric height adjustment
Advanced system of electric height adjustment in the range from 72 to 117 cm – you can use this computer desk while sitting or standing. Modern electric motor and a user-friendly configuration panel. The desk rises or sinks at a safe speed. The electric height adjustment system was built using only premium quality components and thus offers the user the highest level of reliability and durability. Thanks to the electrical height adjustment, the ULTRADESK LEVEL V2 always adapts perfectly to your body!

ergonomic tabletop
The desktop was made in a large format to allow the installation of a high-quality computer set with many accessories and peripherals. LEVEL V2 guarantees that you will have all your equipment always close at hand. The regular shape of the work surface makes it possible to perfectly position the furniture in any room. The maximum load capacity of 100 kilograms guarantees safe use even in the event, that you decide to place a heavy computer case on the desktop.

control panel
With the easy-to-use configuration panel, you can not only raise and lower the work surface, but also save your favorite heights. The heart of the panel is a special processor that guarantees perfect synchronization, when lifting. A small display informs the user about the activation of selected functions and about the current height. The configuration panel is mounted on the right-hand side just below the front edge of the desktop. This means, that you never have to leave your chair to change the settings.

internal memory
Do you often use your desk at different heights? You can save your two favorite settings in the configuration panel and call them up at any time. The process of saving the selected heights only takes a few seconds and is described in detail in the operating instructions. You can save the settings indefinitely. They are not deleted if the desk is disconnected from the power for a short or long period of time.

frame from steel
Furniture for gamers must above all be extremely durable. The steel frame used in the presented computer desk undoubtedly meets these requirements. Its elements are particularly thick. The connections of all parts have been carefully designed to ensure exemplary stability. The “Rage Safe” frame will be particularly appealing to users who prefer action games, which often experience sudden outbursts of joy or frustration during the course of the game.

silent motor
This computer desk uses an innovative electric motor, which is integrated into the side support and guarantees a higher load capacity and longevity. The motor consumes a minimum of electricity. The motor is very quiet when lifting – a maximum of 45 dB. It is no longer audible from a few meters away. A number of electrical protection solutions ensures the safety of the user.

low power consumption
Our height adjustment system is an environmentally friendly solution, that does not noticeably affect your electricity bill. The patents used guarantee an exceptionally low power consumption. The motor is very energy efficient and does not waste electricity, when idling. The electronics built into the configuration panel consume a minimum of energy in stand-by mode. The desk is supplied with power via a conventional 230V socket.

safe mechanism
Electrical protections ensure user safety. The connections between the individual components have been professionally covered. The whole desk has been designed in such a way that the youngest users cannot gain access to live electric parts or moving parts by themselves. The system implemented in the control panel provides appropriate locks that stop the movement of the desk, if it encounters an obstacle. This completely eliminates the risk of damaging the motors by jamming against a stationary obstacle during lifting.

rounded front edge
Ergonomics is one of the central issues, when we spend many hours every day at the computer desk. The front edge of the desktop was designed with this in mind. It is slightly rounded so that our forearms can rest on it, which significantly increases the ease of use. This solution is particularly important for gamers, who control the gameplay entirely via the keyboard.

net for cables
LEVEL V2 offers a net attached to the bottom surface of the desktop. The net can be used as a cable manager as well as perform other functions. Users use it successfully to install electrical strips or power supplies supporting additional accessories. It is made of durable material, and its well-thought-out arrangement makes it invisible to people standing in front of or next to the desk.

A special cable management clip is installed at the back of the desktop. This clever solution allows you to comfortably connect computer equipment with monitors and accessories. The design of the clip ensures that you will never lose your nerves due to tangled cables. The clip holds the cables in a specific position, so that they are not visible to observers and do not disturb the appearance of the entire computer station.

more features
A computer desk must offer a wide range of useful accessories. On the sides of the ULTRADESK LEVEL V2, under the front edge, you can install a cup holder and a headphone holder (included in the set). Both of these extensions aren’t just for decoration – most users use them on a daily basis. A unique attraction is the BEAM rack, which makes it easy to charge a wide variety of mobile devices and accessories through USB ports. The rack is of course also used to store gamepads or game boxes and is included in the price.

management of connections
Modern computer sets consist of more and more external components. In addition to several monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, steering wheels or streaming devices are also used. Two large through-holes with a diameter of 6 cm in the desktop are enough to build even the largest gaming set. The openings make it easier to expand the computer with additional accessories in the future. The comfort of the player is always our top priority!

A higher degree of static perfection – thanks to the well-thought-out structure of the legs and special feet, the LEVEL V2 desk sets new standards in terms of stability. The legs are specifically designed to work with the feet to provide stability worthy of any champion. Accidental knocking against the desktop or the frame never leads to uncontrolled movement of the furniture. The feet are also provided with a coating, that prevents scratching of the floor surface on which the desk is standing. This is especially important, if the ULTRADESK LEVEL V2 is to be used in a room with floors made of delicate types of wood.

free room
Innovative technology and material solutions have made it possible for us to remove the lower crossbeam. The improved design is more comfortable than the older solutions. A gamer can always easily spread his legs without risking a painful confrontation between his feet and hard metal. Removal of the lower crossbeam increases comfort, but also makes it easier to operate a high computer case.

gaming desk
ULTRADESK LEVEL has a very universal character. The desk has been prepared for a number of uses. It is used for computer games, but also as a workplace or furniture for everyday student life. Usage can change with age. LEVEL is particularly popular with game streamers, because it enables comfortable streaming while standing. If you want to combine your professional activity with entertainment in one place, the presented computer desk is a perfect recommendation.

safe transport
ULTRADESK LEVEL V2 is delivered to the customer in a single package, which has been carefully protected against potential hazards. Both the inside and the outer layer protect the product against unfavorable weather conditions and mechanical damage. As a result, the ordered piece of furniture always reaches its new owner in perfect condition!



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