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90 - 170 DEGREES
140 KG
160-195 CM

Every gamer needs an advanced computer station that will allow him to achieve phenomenal results and reach new heights in the selected game. One of its key elements is the gaming chair. ULTRADESK THRONE represents a completely new generation of computer chairs. The design of our “throne” delivers a noticeably higher level of ergonomics, and its mechanisms have been equipped with numerous supplementary functions. The new type of upholstery will keep its perfect appearance for a very long time and will delight with its comfort.

fabric upholstery
The upholstery made of innovative fabrics is durable and easy to maintain, making it a computer chair designed for many years of use. This highest quality material is impressive not only visually, but most of all it surprises at the first direct contact. Its advantages also include extreme resistance to abrasion and positive ventilation properties, reducing burdensome body sweating on hot days. THRONE is a guarantee of comfortable gaming or work.

gaming chair construction
The metal structure of the frame is made of the highest quality raw materials, creating a solid and reliable base for the foam filling and external upholstery. Thanks to the thickened parts, it was possible to achieve a maximum load capacity of 140 kilograms and a spectacular stability worthy of pro class furniture. The chair has been profiled to give maximum support to the spine along its entire line. Thanks to this, even long-term sitting in THRONE does not contribute to overload in this extremely important point of our body.

adjustment options
The multifunctional adjustment mechanism installed just below the seat enables trouble-free configuration of the most important product parameters. It allows you to change the inclination of the backrest in the range from 90 to 170 degrees. It also gives a safe possibility of tilting the seat – up to 19 degrees. In conjunction with a gas lift, it is responsible for smooth adjustment of the seat height. The settings are changed using easily accessible levers located on the underside of the seat – you don’t have to get up to operate them!

wide computer seat
Not only the backrest has received a carefully designed profile. The external structure of the seat was equally based on the latest research on the correct body position when using a computer behind a desk. It is characterized by ergonomic shapes over the entire usable area. The seat has been widened to maximize comfort and give players more freedom of movement.

Our gaming chair offers upholstery with first-class water-repellent properties. Accidentally spilled liquid does not enter the upholstery, and the player is given sufficient time to remove it from the chair. The innovative fabric guarantees that an accident with a drink during the game will never damage the backrest or seat, and it will take only a small amount of time to return to the game after such an event. The water-repellent properties also partially protect the furniture against dust.

high density foam
Under the upholstery there is an innovative foam with a complex structure that prevents it from deforming under pressure. Even if you use the furniture with the maximum allowable load, no permanent dents or other deformations will appear under the upholstery. The density of the cold foam used to fill ULTRADESK THRONE is 55 kg / m3, which is a top result compared to other solutions available for players. High-density foam was also used in both cushions.

4D armrests
The soft 4D armrests have the option of adjusting the position in as many as four planes, thanks to which this gaming chair adapts even more to individual expectations. To better adjust the furniture to your body size, you can change the height of the armrests, move them forward or back, rotate both sides and move inwards or outwards in relation to the seat. The top covers are made of a durable material, extending the life of this highly absorbed element of the chair.

gas lift
A class 4 gas lift in the shape of a round column is responsible for adjusting the seat height. High class 4 proves its reliability, so you do not have to worry that the seat will ever drop by itself unannounced. The lift allows you to smoothly change the height of the seat in the range from 480 to 520 millimeters. During assembly, it is completely masked by a special cover.

base from aluminum
The five-star base is as durable as the main frame. It can withstand loads exceeding the nominal load capacity of the THRONE model, i.e. 140 kilograms. The arms of the base have been strongly flattened to give it a unique look that is in line with the current trends in gaming style. Their length and spacing have been measured in such a way that the chair becomes more stable. The holes for the wheels are drilled very precisely, which allows the furniture to move quietly on any type of floor.

wheels with lock
The set includes functional wheels with a large diameter of 7 cm, which do not accidentally block and provide freedom of movement on many types of surfaces. They are made of a material that is not prone to cracking under high pressure. If you want to keep the armchair in a chosen spot, you can use functional locks that you can easily release again, if necessary. An additional advantage of the selected wheels is the fact, that they do not scratch floors made of delicate materials.

two cushions included
The set includes two pillows, which increase the ergonomic qualities of the product even more. They are designed to support the neck and lumbar sections of your spine and can be easily mounted on the backrest of the chair. In order to prevent them from losing their ergonomic form under a considerable load over time, a synthetic memory foam was used to fill them. The cushion upholstery is made of black fabric.

cooling gel
Both cushions delivered with the chair have a special layer made of cooling gel. Thanks to this, you can count on much greater comfort during long gaming sessions on hot days. The cooling gel layer perfectly regulates the temperature. Not only on hot days, but also during long periods of motionlessness. The special shape of the insert additionally improves the ventilation of the front layer of the cushions.

multilayer package
Properly prepared packaging, which in addition to a thick outer layer contains numerous internal protective elements, allows you to wait for a new armchair in peace. The product is transported in a single package. It has been protected against potential threats in several ways. Ensures adequate protection of the chair  against unfavorable weather conditions and mechanical damage. The royal ULTRADESK THRONE always reaches the customer in perfect condition!



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