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Ultradesk WINGER

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Monitor number
155 x 60 x 111 CM
Height adjustment
Accessories included
XL mouse pad, cup holder, headphones hook, gaming gear rack

corner desk for gaming
The first corner table from ULTRADESK. It enables even more effective management of the available space in the target area. The desktop was made in a large format to allow the installation of a high-quality computer set with many accessories and peripherals. The wide wing of the desk increases comfort when working and playing – it often serves as a place for a printer, scanner, graphics tablet or an additional laptop. WINGER guarantees that you will have all your equipment always close at hand.

electric height adjustment
Advanced system of stepless height adjustment of the desktop in the range from 75 to 122 cm, which allows you to use this computer desk both in sitting and standing position. Modern electric motors and an easy-to-use control panel. The desk raises or lowers at a safe speed. The electric height adjustment system has been built using only the highest quality components, meaning it offers users the highest possible level of reliability and durability. Thanks to the stepless height adjustment, the ULTRADESK WINGER always adapts perfectly to your height!

LED with 14 modes
The latest version of our multi-colored LED RGB lighting. The backlight elements are installed in long panels on the sides. Power is supplied through a connection to the control panel responsible for raising the desktop. The LED RGB system offers a total of 14 separate modes. The colors are very expressive both at night and during the day. Bring color to your game!

control panel
The easy-to-use control panel not only allows you to raise and lower the work surface, but also to save your favorite heights. The heart of the panel is a special processor that guarantees perfect synchronization of both motors when lifting. The control panel is installed on the right side just below the front edge of the desktop. Thanks to this, you never have to get out of the chair to change the settings. In addition, it has been equipped with USB ports – for charging mobile devices and gaming accessories.

internal memory
Do you often use your computer desk with different height settings? You can store your two preferred settings and recall them at any time. The process of saving the selected heights only takes a few seconds and is described in detail in the assembly instructions. You can save settings an infinite number of times. They are not deleted if the desktop is unplugged from the power supply for a shorter or longer period of time.

designer mouse pad
Thick, extremely durable mouse pad in XL size. Carefully secured around the edges with a thick seam in the same color as the motif. The underside of the pad has a non-slip coating that ensures a perfect fit with the surface of the desktop. The main layer of the pad is compatible with any type of sensor used in current computer mice. The whole pad has been decorated with unique graphics created by an artist-graphic designer.

durable steel
Above all, furniture for gamers must be extremely durable. The steel frame used in this product without a doubt meets these requirements. Its elements are particularly thick. The connections of all parts have been carefully designed to ensure exemplary stability. The “Rage Safe” frame will especially please people who prefer action games, where there are often sudden outbursts of joy or frustration during the game.

shelf for monitors
Do you prefer your screen a little higher than the desktop surface? ULTRADESK WINGER offers the right solution. The rear part of the workspace is equipped with an ergonomic monitor shelf. This allows you to place the monitor 13 cm above the desktop. Its dimensions are 80 x 20 cm, which means it can also be used to store smaller computer accessories. The shelf is firmly connected to the top and easily withstands the weight of even very large monitors.

monitor mount
Do you use monitor mounts? The ULTRADESK WINGER computer desk offers a special spot for attaching such hardware. Our solution is very universal and fits most mounts available on the market. With dedicated space for the mount, you don’t have to worry about compromising the desk’s stability by mounting your displays. An ingenious solution that increases comfort and safety.

quiet motors
The WINGER uses two separate electric motors that are integrated into the side supports, which means that greater resilience and durability can be guaranteed. Previously, similar furniture used only a single motor. Both motor units are characterized by minimal power consumption. During lifting, the motors run very quietly and smoothly lift the work surface at a safe speed. They are not audible at all from a few meters away, which guarantees silence for other household members.

Our height adjustment system is an eco-friendly solution that does not have a noticeable impact on your electricity bill. The implemented patents guarantee exceptionally low power consumption. Both motors are very energy efficient and do not waste electricity when idling. The electronics installed in the control panel consume only minimal amounts of energy in standby mode. The table is powered by a conventional 230V socket.

protection of users
Electrical protections ensure user safety. The connections between the individual components have been professionally covered. The whole desk has been designed in such a way that the youngest users cannot gain access to live electric parts by themselves. The system implemented in the control panel provides appropriate locks that stop the movement of the desk, if it encounters an obstacle. This completely eliminates the risk of damaging the motors by jamming against a stationary obstacle during lifting.

two colors of frame
Two color versions – white and black. The first computer desk in our collection that can also be ordered with a white table top. Thanks to the use of the two most basic colors, everyone can buy a gaming desk, that suits their interior style. The design of the mouse pad also picks up on the main color of the selected product variant. The frame and desktop have been covered with a high-quality coating that keeps a perfect color even with frequent direct sunlight exposure.

large cable hole
Gamers are increasingly using multiple monitors and external devices in today’s computer sets. In order to meet user expectations, we have hidden a very large cable inlet in the WINGER. Now you can easily run a larger number of cables with different diameters under the desktop. Convenience always comes first!

cable ties
As a special extra, the set contains magnetic cable ties. They make it easier to maintain the devices in order and often prevent accidents caused by tangled cables. The selected ties are durable and allow you to organize a large number of cables of different diameters. A small addition that makes it much easier to set up a tidy computer workstation. They can be used successfully many times, which is a great advantage over cheaper solutions.

desktop coating
The entire desktop is covered with a special protective coating. A thick layer of strong material protects the workspace from mechanical and chemical damage. It also makes the desktop waterproof. At the same time, it makes cleaning the furniture easier and prevents wear and tear on the surface. This solution also has a positive effect on the rigidity of the entire piece of furniture. Also, the main layer obviously makes the desktop even more attractive. It is made in the color of the desk – white or black.

included extras
In the box with the WINGER, our customers receive a few practical accessories for players. The headphone holder allows you to store the equipment in an easily accessible place and increases the aesthetics of the entire gaming station. Another element of the set is a sturdy drink holder that can hold mugs, glasses or bottles. The whole set is complemented by a metal accessory shelf, most commonly used to store a mobile phone and game controllers. Of course everything is included in the price!

more space
Innovative technological and material solutions allowed us to completely remove the lower crossbeam. The improved design is more comfortable than the older solutions. The user can always spread his legs loosely, while not risking painful confrontation between his feet and hard metal. The lack of the lower crossbeam adds comfort, but also makes it easier to use tall computer cases. The design without the crossbeam also looks much better!

five feet
Adjustable feet with increased diameter and a rubber underside not only give an easy way to adjust the height or level out uneven floors, but also prevent scratching of the floor when moving the furniture. With five feet, you can adjust the desk very precisely on any surface. No additional tools are required for adjustment.

universal for computer
A computer desk with a very universal character. It was created for a number of applications. It is used for computer games, but also as a workplace or piece of furniture for everyday learning. Use may change with age. WINGER has gained sympathy among game streamers because it enables comfortable work while standing and can accommodate a lot of equipment. A versatile piece of furniture with a comfortable structure.

two packages
In order to protect all components even better, we pack them in two transport-friendly boxes. Accessories and small parts are additionally packed in cardboard inner boxes. The outer carton offers perfect protection against weather influences and mechanical damage. Thanks to the simple assembly instructions that you will find in the packaging and on our website, assembling all the elements is easy and takes relatively little time.



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