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Monitor number
135 x 58,5 x 72-114 CM
Height adjustment
Accessories included
Control panel, Connection cables, Headphones Holder, Cable Net, Cable Clip

electric height adjustment
Advanced system of smooth height adjustment of the desktop in the range of 74 to 116 cm, which allows you to use the desk both in a sitting and standing position. Modern electric motors and an easy-to-use control panel. The desktop raises or lowers at a safe speed. The electric height adjustment system is built with only the highest quality components, which means it provides the user with the highest achievable level of reliability and durability. Thanks to the smooth height change of the ULTRADESK UPLIFT FRAME, you will always perfectly adjust it to your body size!

Do you want to create a desk with your own individual desktop? UPLIFT FRAME will meet all your expectations. The frame has been professionally prepared for the installation of desktops of various lengths, widths and thicknesses. The product is recommended for desktops with a length of 140 to 180 cm, a width of 70 to 80 cm and a thickness of over 15 mm. Create a unique computer station with an individual desktop and a frame offering a reliable electric height adjustment system.

strong frame
A gaming computer desk must be fully ready for the stresses of top-level competition, and enthusiastic gestures in the moment of victory or deep frustration after defeat must not have any influence on its construction. That is why the UPLIFT FRAME uses additional reinforcements. These parts are mounted in spots, that are most responsible for stability. At the same time, they are not large enough to affect the attractiveness of the external appearance of the desk in any negative way. Thanks to the reinforcements, it was also possible to increase the load capacity.

control panel
Easy-to-use control panel not only allows you to raise and lower the work surface, but also allows you to save your favorite heights. The heart of the panel is a special processor, that guarantees perfect synchronization of both motors during lifting. The control panel is installed on the right side just below the front edge of the desktop. Thanks to this, you never have to get up from your chair to change the settings.

internal memory position saving
Do you like to use the desk at different heights? You can store your two favorite settings in internal memory and recall them at any time. The procedure of saving selected settings takes only a few seconds and is described in detail in the user manual. Settings can be rewritten an infinite number of times. They are not deleted, when the computer desk is disconnected from the power supply for a shorter or longer period.

two motors
The UPLIFT FRAME uses two separate electric motors integrated in the side supports, thanks to which it can guarantee higher load capacity and durability. Both units installed in our desk consume a minimum amount of electricity. The motors run very quietly and lift the work surface evenly at a safe speed. From a distance of several meters, they are not audible at all, which guarantees peace of mind for the rest of the household.

computer desk made of steel
ULTRADESK UPLIFT FRAME is based on a solid structure made of high-quality steel, which provides it with strength and rigidity. The solid steel construction makes the frame stable even during intensive use. The presented piece of furniture will withstand the weight of a computer, monitor, printer and other devices, without fear of deformation or bending of the top. The “Rage Safe” frame will especially appeal to action gamers, as it easily withstands vigorous outbursts of joy or frustration during the game.

double supports
Thanks to the use of double side supports, it was possible to significantly increase the load capacity and ensure proper stiffening of the frame. Both supports have been specially thickened and permanently connected to each other. For aesthetic purposes, their edges have been slightly rounded. Our double side supports completely eliminate the rocking effect.

safe lifting
A number of built-in protections guarantee trouble-free use in any situation. Connections between individual components have been professionally masked. All moving parts have been hidden. The entire frame has been designed in such a way, that the youngest users cannot independently access live or moving parts. The built-in overload protection ensures that you will not damage the motor if you put a large number of very heavy objects on the desktop.

headphones holder
The offered frame is a modern and practical solution, that offers a comfortable holder for headphones located in the front on the left side. Thanks to this, the user can conveniently take off and put on the headphones without the need to look for a suitable place to store them. The holder is very solid and stable. This solution works especially well, when you want to quickly use the headphones during phone calls, listening to music or watching movies.

cable clips
The clip, located at the back of the desk, is designed to keep all cables in place and prevent them from accidentally slipping or dangling. It is a smart solution, that allows you to conveniently connect computer equipment with monitors and accessories, while eliminating the problem of tangled cables. Thanks to this, the user can enjoy a clean and tidy workplace or gaming station, which positively affects its efficiency.

user protection
The safety of the user is ensured by a number of electrical protections. Connections between individual components have been professionally masked. The whole product has been designed in such a way, that the youngest users can never gain access to live parts on their own.

The motors used in the height adjustment system are very energy efficient. The electronics installed in the control panel of the frame have been optimized to consume the minimum amount of energy in standby mode. Our height adjustment system is an eco-friendly solution that will have no noticeable impact on your electricity bill. Thanks to the use of energy-saving motors, minimal power consumption in standby mode and the use of standard power supply, our frame is environmentally friendly and beneficial for the user’s wallet. The whole system is powered from a traditional 230V mains socket.

The frame has been specially prepared to use desktops of various sizes. Installing your own countertop is very quick because the structure offers a universal mounting system. The user does not need to make any changes to the basic structure of the UPLIFT FRAME. Installation involves attaching the desktop to appropriately spaced holes that guarantee a stable connection to the frame.

large room
The new design of the frame allows players to freely spread their legs under the workspace. There is no fear of painful confrontations between the feet and hard metal, which contributes to increased comfort during long gaming sessions. The lack of a lower crossbar also allows comfortable use of a high computer case. You can freely place the central unit without the constraints of traditional frame construction. The frame without the lower crossbeam looks aesthetically pleasing and modern.

stable feet
When designing the UPLIFT FRAME, we improved even the smallest structural elements. Among other things, the diameter of the feet has been increased. Thanks to this, the frame gained a slight height adjustment in the range of 1 cm. Thanks to the new feet, the furniture can be perfectly leveled. Their bottom surface has been covered with special rubber layer to protect the floor from being scratched, when the desk is moved.

durable furniture
A computer frame that is very versatile. It was created for a number of applications. It is used for computer games, but also as a workplace or a piece of furniture for everyday study. Its use may change with age. UPLIFT FRAME is also aimed at game streamers and people who often work standing up, because it allows you to comfortably conduct gaming broadcasts or online meetings in a standing position and can accommodate a lot of equipment. A versatile piece of furniture with a comfortable structure and a wide range of applications.

box safety
To further protect the frame elements, we pack it in a specially prepared box. Accessories and smaller parts are additionally packed in cardboard inner boxes. The outer box offers perfect protection against negative weather conditions and mechanical damage. Thanks to simple assembly instructions, which can be found in the packaging and on our website, assembling all the elements is easy and takes a relatively short time.


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